2015   South Hampton, «Colours of Greece»,Muses Hamptons

            Art Athina, Artower Agora

            Athens Concert Hall, «Myrtis»

2014   Art Athina, Artower Agora

2007 – Moscow - Museum of the city of Moscow 

          (collection of  Museum of the city of Athens)
2005 - London, Moving Art – Artower
2004 - Malakasa Art City Mihalarias
        - Athens, Museum of the city of
          Athens, Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation
2001 - Athens, Kifisia, “Gallery Trigono”
2000 - Athens, Kifisia, “Gallery Lentzou”
        - Athens, Benaki’s Museum – American’s School Auction
1999 - Athens, British Embassy, Manifestation Balantine
        - London, Auction for Athens College
        - Mykonos, Gallery Rarity
        - N. Erithrea, Greek Artists
1997 - Athens, Selini Gallery “Everything shines is gold”
1996 - Nordyik (Holland), Estec Fine Arts Club
        - Athens, Pieridis Art Gallery, “Pisces”
        - Nicosia, Municipal Gallery, “Pisces”
        - London, Wigmore Fine Art
        - Athens, Center of Book, “Thacian Artist’s Exhibition”
1995 - Metsovo, Averof – Tositsa’s Museum “Pisces”
        - Athens, Ersis Gallery
1994 - Athens, Glyfada, Pieridis Art Gallery

       “The Tree as a cause of Creation”
        - Athens, Ersis Gallery “The religious element in Art”
1993 - Nicosia, Museum of Modern Art of the Municipality of Nicosia, Cyprus,
         “The Tree as a cause of Creation”
        - Metsovo, Averof – Tositsa’s Museum, “The Tree as a cause of Creation”
1992 - Nicosia, Hilton, “Greek Artists”